DGSN Denies Using Force to Disperse Al Hoceima Protest

Casablanca — Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) is denying using force to disperse a protest that was held last Wednesday in Al Hoceima, reports the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).Several media sources had previously alleged that police forces had used violent measures in order to end the sit-in, which was organized yet again to demand social justice following the death of fishmonger Mohcine Fikri this past October. The DGSN, however, said that no methods of aggression were used. Police forces merely told protesters to evacuated the area by citing possible legal repercussions. No arrests were made and nobody was hurt by the police, they say.  The king’s attorney general, Mohamed Akouer, made another statement to MAP on Friday, saying that “following what has been reported through the media and the Internet about arrests and injuries inflicted on the protesters during the rally in the city of Al Hoceima during the night from January 4 to January 5, 2017, the king’s attorney general at the Al-Hoceima Court of Appeals states that no one was arrested during the dispersal of the rally, nor has the court received any complains about injured persons.” read more