Female Activists Denounce Rape Murder of 34Year Hanane at Protest in

Rabat – “No to rape, terrorism, and violence,” and no to “hatred and violence” are among the slogans raised today in front of the Moroccan Parliament to denounce the rape and murder of a 34-year old woman in Mellah Rabat in June.Police found the victim, Hanane, left in a Rabat street after being violently sexually assaulted by a 56-year old rapist.Hanane died after complications from the injuries she suffered during the assault on June 11. Read Also: Moroccan Police Make Further Arrests in Rabat Rape, Murder CaseThe news of the rape case went viral after a video documenting the incident was posted online earlier this week.In response to the horrific incident, women took the decison to denounce the alarming number of rape cases in the region.Women activists held banners today, July 19, in front of the parliament, urging the government to take strict measures against perpetrators of sexual assaults against women.Bouchra Abdou,  an activist, feminist, and president of Tahadi Center was one of the women who called on the organization of the protest to condemn the rape and murder of the 34-year old.Angry over the incident, Abdou told Morocco World News that the rapist should receive the ultimate punishment for his crime .Abdou said that the crime transcended physical violence, to torture leading to death.“It is time for all those involved to shoulder their responsibility for protection,” she told MWN.She also emphasized the importance of the media in broadcasting educational programs against rape and sexual assaults.Abdou said that the education system should integrate programs to raise awareness  against violence.Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN)  announced earlier this week the arrest of the main perpetrator, who used bottles to rape the victim.The mother of the victim also said that the rapist and murderer had made holes in her daughter’s body with a screwdriver.After raping her, the suspect hit the victim in the head with a hammer.DGSN announced on Thursday, July 18, the arrest of eight more suspects involved in the crime, including the individual who filmed the video.The detained suspects are accused of not reporting the crime and not going to the victim’s aid after witnessing the incident. The incident, which is among other heinious crimes that shook Moroccan society, came after the Moroccan courts implemented  Law 103-13 on gender-based discrimination, which came into effect in September 2018.The law punishes perpetrators of rape, sexual harassment, and cyber crimes.The law gives prison sentences ranging from one to six months for perpetrators of sexual harassment in public spaces, by use of words, acts or signals of a sexual nature for sexual purposes.The law comes after widely-publicized cases of rape, harassment, and violence caused outrage among Moroccan citizens. read more