How to install Google Wallet on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

first_imgIf you were among the first to snag a Verizon Galaxy Nexus last week, then you may have been disappointed to see that Google Wallet was nowhere to be found. Making matters worse, you couldn’t install the app from the Market, and the only method of activating it involved complicated workarounds for rooted devices. Today things got much easier, as the NFC payment service can now be installed as you would any third-party app. Read on for instructions.A minor controversy surrounded the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, as word spread that the device would be launching without Google Wallet support. Eyebrows were raised as Verizon has a competitor to the service, ISIS, that will be launching soon. While Verizon isn’t allowed to block apps (it agreed to that in a spectrum purchase from a few years ago), that doesn’t mean that it can’t pressure Google to voluntarily remove them. Big Red’s official line is that Google Wallet has security issues, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it had nothing to with security and everything to do with money.Regardless of the reasons for Google Wallet’s absence, you can now easily take matters into your own hands. Your Galaxy Nexus doesn’t need to be rooted, it doesn’t need to have an unlocked bootloader, and you don’t have to flash anything. If you’ve ever installed a third-party app that wasn’t from the Android Market, this process is identical.How to Install Google Wallet1. Make sure you’ve enabled the ability to install third-party apps. From the homescreen, press the Menu button, then Settings>Applications, and check the box for Unknown Sources.2. Download this APK for Google Wallet.3. If you aren’t immediately prompted to install it, then install a file manager app (like the free Astro File Manager), navigate to SD Card/Downloads, and tap on the APK.The only potential issue with the APK is that if you installed Google Wallet via previous (more complicated) workarounds, this may not work. Those in that boat will want to restore from a pre-Google Wallet backup.via XDA-Developers and Droid-Lifelast_img read more