The truth behind this Google Maps plane crash

first_imgScour Google Mas specifically in the area of Alameda, California and you’re liable to see something shocking: a downed 747 airline passenger jet, torn in half, spewing a viscera of corpses and luggage from its charred and disemboweled belly. This downed plane has been immortalized in Google Maps since 2009, seemingly a testament to as horrific an air accident as any that can be conjured in a post-9/11 world.So why haven’t you ever heard about it? Easy. Although Google Maps has indeed immortalized a plane crash, it’s a fake one, recreated for a television show called Trauma.AdChoices广告Google Maps Mania explains how the ripped in half plane happened to become a permanent landmark in Google Maps:“The mock airliner crash was filmed on the runway of the former Navy base at Alameda Point. A Boeing airliner was used as the mock-up of the crashed plane. I think the episode was filmed in 2009. Google’s aerial view imagery of the area was released at the end of 2009, so I assume the imagery was gathered at some point during that year.” Here’s the crash as it aired in Trauma:I think this is fascinating. It’s sometimes easy to forget exactly how many weird things happen on this planet on a daily basis. Most of those strange, eccentric events are invisible from space… but not all of them. We live in an age when there’s always an electronic eye overhead, recording what’s happening on the skin of the earth for posterity… and some of those events, without context, can seem very strange indeed.Read more at Google Maps Manialast_img read more