Can development digest livelihood?

first_imgWhenever government initiates a development project, there lies a question that does development digest livelihood? Here, at Kattuppalli a tiny village at the tip of Pulicat lake region also facing the same.Before entering into the actual issue, we need to get some basic details on grounds of the significance of the Pulicat region.Pulicat lake is the second largest lake in India. It has plenty of fishing wealth which serves livelihood around a lakh of fishermen across 13 villages of Pulicat lake region. In this lake area, Already L&T Company running a harbor since 2012. The harbor is of area 330 sq. km. In 2018, the Adani group bought 97% of shares on this harbor and now planning for extending the harbor into 6100 acres which is 200% bigger.In this case, the very first question is, from where these 6100 acres will be taken? Fishing people will be rehabilitated, sea-land and the area of marshland will also be occupied and filled with sand which is irreversible and causes environmental disasters too.And the second not secondary issue is land occupying planning. From the total of 6110 acres, let us leave the current area of 330 acres. 2219 acres of land from the public living area, 1515 acres of land from private company societies such as TIDCO, and the rest of 1967 land will be occupied from the actual sea. Almost a 6 k.m of seashore will be stolen and filled with sand purposefully.Now come to the issue. Already there are some heavy protests are ongoing against l&t port for cheating of employment (by violating the 2012 agreement, L&T has been keeping the employees still temporary). It challenges the daily livelihood and causes day by protests by the local people. In this situation, now L&T Adani group requested the government to announce the region as a ‘no-fishing zone’, as they (fishermen) are being afraid of.Again it comes to the point where we started. Can development digest livelihood/environment/heritage?last_img read more