To stay calm in any situation…Very few can do this.

first_imgTo stay calm in any situation…Very few can do this.!”Sacrificing materialistic happiness for your values…..very few can do this.We are not worshipping Rama because he is a super success, he is a super failure but “within himself, he is who he is”, no one can take away his character.! If one of these incidents that are happened in Rama’s life, happened to some of us, we would all be cracked up in our minds.A recap to journey of his problems.Sita sacrificed her all materialistic life, luxuries even when she had lived a life of princess earlier.Rama’s life is a disaster, a continuous disaster, born as a Prince, married princess Sita, soon after the marriage some political stuff happened in the kingdom and Rama – Sita ends up in the jungle, A young and rich couple living in a jungle is not a romantic affair, it is a tough life, Knowing that it is tough, his brother also follows him to assist them. then, as if it was not enough, his wife Sita gets kidnapped by Sri Lankan King Ravana. Because of his love for Sita, he walked all the way from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka not knowing whether she is alive or dead. He walked all the way and builds up a tunnel army and goes across the ocean and fights a war which he is not interested in, burns down a beautiful kingdom, kills many people and gets back his wife and goes home.Now his wife is pregnant and he suffers very uncharitable comments about his wife from everybody around and once again there occurs a political situation and he sends his fully pregnant wife to the jungle. She delivers two boys Lava-Kusa and Rama is not aware about his children and then he gets into a battle with his own children if at all it can be a true disaster in anyone’s life, knowingly or unknowingly you kill your own children. It almost happened to Rama, he almost killed his children and somehow by some power, he doesn’t kill his children and after knowing all these, Sita dies without seeing Rama ever again.!!Is this a successful life..? No, but we worship him..!!Why do we worship a failure life like Rama’s?We worship him because, no matter what disaster happens, Rama did not become angry, hateful, he did not lose his balance, he did not give up any of the values and ethics with which he lived, Rama’s life is a series of disaster but he is unshattered , unshaken, .!He’s is a true inspiration for several souls!last_img read more