Xining City Traffic Bureau inspectors focus on illegal operation of vehicles

Recently, Xining City Department of Transportation Transportation Inspection Brigade centralized regulation of the taxi illegal operation of vehicles, for the Xining city taxi to create a good market environment, maintain the market order.

it is understood that the special rectification activities, is for non Xining area of illegal taxi operations in Xining, clean up the taxi market in Xining. At present, a lot of rental vehicles in the city of Xining County, many illegal operations, is a county, the market is small, traffic capacity is greater than the pull, less money, and the Xining market is relatively large; the two is the county taxi fee is relatively low, so many people buy a car, in the week county, and then in the Xining city operation. This not only disrupted the operation of the market in Xining, but also seriously affected the legitimate interests of Xining taxi.

the evening of September 10th 8:20, inspection team of law enforcement officers at the Kangle hospital in Xining city held a license plate number for the green B15874 taxi, this car belongs to Tu Autonomous County, Weiyuan Taxi Co. Ltd. in the unity bridge at the passenger to Kangle hospital, illegal operation. Subsequently, the state has investigated a number of prefectures and counties operating in Xining taxi and a license plate number for the green AA2629 taxi, the car belongs to unauthorized operation. It is reported that the number of illegal taxi operations in Xining in Xining is currently more, and more for the evening soliciting. According to law enforcement officers, such as illegal operation of the vehicle once investigated, will be severely dealt with.

at the same time, the authorities hope that the majority of taxi drivers friends, when driving, such as unauthorized and illegal operation of the vehicle, to report to law enforcement agencies to protect their own interests and purify the Xining market. (author: Luo sparkling)


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