Provincial government supervision and inspection of the province’s college entrance examination pro

May 30th, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government of Chao Navy led the provincial education department and other relevant departments responsible comrades went to the provincial examination and management center in Xining City West District of our province college entrance examination, supervision and inspection, put forward clear requirements will make the next step.

in the examination management center, supervision and inspection group listened to the provincial Commission Office responsible person to recruit ordinary college entrance examination in 2016 the province’s work report, see the papers secret room, room, paper scan center security work and our province national education examination operation service command center, and in command center through online video, of the municipalities (state), county (District) of the secret room, standardized exam were inspected. In the West District of Xining city to check the relevant information on the preparation of the work, to check the confidentiality of the room, the command platform and the second test center in Xining standardized test sites and the preparation of the relevant examination work.

college entrance examination for the preparatory work to give full recognition, at the same time, the provincial government supervision and inspection team to do the next step made clear requirements. Further strengthen the leadership, starting from the college entrance examination is conducive to promoting the work of the overall situation, and enhance political awareness, overall awareness and sense of responsibility, the main responsibility for the implementation of all levels of government and relevant departments for supervision and inspection duties; the responsibility of a list of the problems found, urging the country to sort out again, for the college entrance examination. You may say, padded short board, in particular to strengthen the supervision of the process of transporting papers. Planning in advance, do a good job of propaganda and public opinion to respond to the work, to further increase the intensity of information disclosure and service candidates to promote the examination and enrollment sunshine project". Adhere to problem oriented, improve the system and measures in Zhuazao, grasping thin, realistically work hard, do selves, responsible for defending their territories, responsible for defending their territories, ensure that this year’s college entrance examination of safe, smooth, smooth.


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