Encounter on the plane must go to the city fair

"Why, you have to go to the city? Because here you will be ignited passion, you will be ‘dry in the forefront of the’ Xining moved! Because this is a public and belongs to all the investors holiday; because this is a home court by the Xining trade show; because there are 200 billion investment projects vacant; because every one here will let you see the city context change……" In September 18th, the reporter met a few businessmen in Guangdong, the city will contact them, it is to see the Xining Evening News "must go to the fair city" this article on the plane, they decided to go to see a fair city. This reporter has learned that a lot of domestic and foreign customers because of the city after the meeting, only a more detailed understanding of the investment environment and investment in Xining hot.

Guangzhou merchants "touch" cooperation opportunities

won intending to strengthen cooperation platform

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