Time to realise the gravity starts now

first_imgIt is not beyond doubt that there is a fall in the enrolment in the government schools and the private schools have become the attraction for many students. Basically, as the income increases, the spending is also increased and it is spent only to enjoy the best commodities. But what has been seen is that while the overall standard of education in India is fast deteriorating the screening of teachers by every private school is not possible and the chances of getting top quality teachers are not high by each school.Secondly, as the training and pedagogy differ from school to school the delivery remains non-uniform and hence the Board CBSE is bound to set the question paper to keep in view the median standard which is good for a mediocre student to go through. The same set of students once given free hand to study in the manner they like even with an average performance they don’t soon agree to do less than the further general studies. Otherwise, the students coming from the government schools have already compromised because of their weak financial conditions and by chance, if some of them are top rankers they may end up in studying further in general stream but in case their performance is not up to the mark and their parents can hardly afford for further studies where high fee is charged they end up in substandard courses even if it is vocational because India has lost on continuing with vocational courses properly designed.The discrimination in schooling has proved detrimental as either the students entering into a family business are high or the one who is not good to get into entrepreneurial activities. This is the reason that the entrepreneurship is weak and hence performance of MSME good enough to cut down the trade deficit is not building up over the years. Unless ecosystem comprising of MSME and skill and vocational are in matching style the competition continues to suffer downward and hence the issues of employment and GDP and deficit are perturbing. Whether can the State governments enforce the required standard in the schools shall depend on the expenditure done on the schools. How much a school needs to be attractive rest with all tangible and intangible facilities. This is missing. So long as private schools will continue to flourish there would neither be uniformity in the delivery nor it can be expected that the students would bend down despite their average performance to go to the course of their ability. The country has done very good in sales, marketing, banking and insurance when the courses are seen on standalone basis but these are not sustainable if the manufacturing or MSMEs have not come up in the orderly fashion. The government has been seen launching skill and vocational courses but their success is far below than normal the reason is that weak student till matriculation or below or above had no craze developed for informal training as he was not taken through the good aptitude and learning in the school.Therefore government schools are needed to be uplifted in case vocational push is to be given. This is a single most reason that manufacturing is not performing even up to marginal level what to talk about the reduction in current account deficit. Due to poor organisation, orientation and incomplete design in general of the private schools, most of which are not missionary but are profit orienting are turning out students which are lacking aspirations and total understanding that what is their feeling about national building unlike in US when the students are taken through rigorous system up to schooling and then left to bear the hefty fee at graduate-level work so perfectly in all walks the performance is not challenged anywhere. It is the reason that a large number of Indian students are leaving the country. When such high rate immigration is taking place as the students have rejected the environment and style of teaching in India why the best is still expected from the employment and GDP to yield. It will not be. It is therefore important to harmonise the system of education whether it is to constitute high standard CBSE board so that students are screened with high benchmark and yardstick and also government schools all over the country with no exception should have all amenities as these used to be their pre-liberalisation. AAfter 1991 the central government and States government’s have become so oblivious that education which is the prime factor in the development process can be maintained spontaneously without paying any heed to keep it shinning in all the time. Why it is delayed when the growth rate has fallen shamefully low and India is back to the same protectionism and the government is seen compromising with poor performance in all macro and microenvironment. Though poverty is also taking the same dreaded look and it is visible as the people on Delhi pavements making their homes in large number but at least delivering clothes and food when granaries are over flooded could be given in their respective places to stop movement and the government should look seriously as to what has gone wrong. What is need of justification every day accept that economy has developed holes whether previously or now as these were ignored start filling it and make a comprehensive plan. Small lip services and quick fixes are not going to work as the problem is frightening. Politics is good so long as the people for whom the politics is played are living decently.last_img

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