ndustrial Park Culture ndustry Cluster

recently, in the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Biological Park Administrative Committee is opposite the building, the reporter saw a lot of workers are in front of the Qinghai Tibetan cultural museum construction. According to the introduction, is under construction in Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum of the two phase of the project, the project plans to invest two hundred million yuan, construction area of 28000 square meters, will be built to become an important part of Industrial Park museums. It is also a new mode and new way for the economic development of the park with its own characteristics. In the biological park about 4 square kilometers of land, natural museum, Qinghai Tibet Plateau Tibetan Culture Museum, Kunlun Jade Culture Museum 3 Museum, has been formed in the province and the country in a small space within the museum, which to some extent has become a micro landscape culture of Tibetan plateau.

in recent years, relying on the advantage of regional economy existing biological park, put forward the strategic goal of building a "Cultural District", constantly enrich the regional culture, the emergence of a number of distinctive cultural industry base, through the cultural influence and competitiveness of the regional economy and explore a new mode to promote economic development the cultural industry, greatly gathered the popularity of the park. According to the relevant staff, the three museums have their own characteristics, and only the Qinghai Tibet plateau natural museum, in the tourist season, the number of visitors per day reached more than 100 people.


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