Do the party firm executor defenders

day before the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau held special counseling report, invited the Commission for Discipline Inspection Regulations bureau deputy director Tan Huanmin in the room, in the form of video conferencing, as the "China Communist Party accountability regulations" special counseling report for the province’s discipline inspection and supervision of cadres. The city’s discipline inspection and supervision of cadres in Xining and three counties to listen to the report.

report of the meeting, Tan Huanmin formulated the "Regulations" from the profound understanding of the significance, accurate grasp of accountability in the work of the guiding ideology and principles, a profound understanding of the "Regulations" of the main content, earnestly implement the "Regulations" of the four aspects of the "Regulations" of the system of the participating comrades deeply education and inspiration, generally feel that this is a lively party discipline education, duty is also had a duty to remind. By listening to the report, the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres have said that the "Regulations" promulgated, fundamentally solve the WHO accountability, accountability, accountability for what and how accountability and other issues, to further standardize and strengthen the party’s accountability work provides the basic system to follow the release of default will ask, ask a strong political signal will be strict liability. Special counseling report will be held will be in the form of video, provides more learning opportunities for the grass-roots cadres of discipline inspection, the next step is to further study, learn, practice, adhere to the promotion of unity of knowledge, to study and implement the "Regulations" as an important political task, strengthen regular system of learning and training, and strengthen supervision check their duties set in, by example, the courage to play, make party disciplines firm performer and defenders.


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