Hainan rich new strategy of TV into the crowd in the evening

in life, many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but there is no entrepreneurial ideas, do not know how to do poineering work? "Listen to so 14 classes down, let my thoughts have changed a lot, such as, rely on, to, lazy thought change. The first lesson was introduced in Baisha County farmers through typical examples a porcupine, black goat raising of the rich, deeply inspired me, have hard-working." In the morning at the Hainan province poverty alleviation work to promote the TV evening television and telephone conference, pro Lingao County town head star village households Lin Qing ".

Hainan poverty TV evening since its launch last November 18th, every Monday, Friday aired each one, each program is 60 minutes long, has been broadcast on the 14. Hainan provincial Party Secretary Li Jun began "TV evening" first class, and the location of column: can not only help users to understand and grasp the policy of helping the poor breeding technology, production and marketing of agricultural products to provide information and job information for poor households, provide assistance hotline, but also can help poor households out of poverty and single.

it is understood that the "TV evening" in Hainan TV program ratings, ranking fourth. Hainan radio and television editor Yin Jieyu introduced in the program with a television broadcast, "" evening viewing more than three sets of CCTV "open doors" and "gold 100 seconds".

Lin Qing said, no matter how tired of doing farm work, he will be on time on Monday and Friday night at 7:30 to the village to watch programs. Lin Qing has three children are in school, because the school belongs to the typical family poverty. He said, I used to think their government assistance should be, to watch TV after the evening, ideological change, learn to thanksgiving. In the government’s anti-poverty policy support, he plans to expand the lease chive planting area, get rich on their own hard work.

Xi Zhen Ba Jiao Cun

Baisha County State de poor Wu Liqiong a former major revenue by tapping, rubber price is not good, one family life is very poor. Wu Liqiong said, has been such a day, a long time on the numbness, there is a meal to eat, a day is a day. This year the government of poor households support great responsibility to help people repeatedly do ideological work of her, advised her to help the villagers to buy tractors, Lassa pull goods, still in the village set up cooperatives, unified in their home culture, the day up.

Since the

2016 TV evening opened, Wu Liqiong said she each program, but also learned a lot of planting and breeding technology. In the past, many do not understand the problem, and now directly through the 961017 hotline service, a lot of convenience.

there are many similar examples. Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County of duck Bay Village Ling Zhen Village first secretary Qin Jiayue introduced the ninth development examples of Qiongzhong Bay Ridge broadcast local recommendation after

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