Thousands of people marched to demand the expulsion of refugees from Germany

as a result of the suspected German refugees from the eve of the serious riots caused by refugees, thousands of Germans marched on the request to expel refugees. Police fired water cannons to drive the crowd.

the peaceful demonstrations led to the conflict in the protesters towards the police threw firecrackers and bottles after police used tear gas and water cannons to drive requirements, the parade disbanded after once after the turmoil, the scene has gradually subsided, PEGIDA spokesman said that all participants have to go home, activity has ended, the group also protest Prime Minister Merkel open the entry of refugees, "Merkel became national scourge, Merkel must go."

PEGIDA, since October 2014 launched anti immigration protests in eastern Germany against the Western Islamic xenophobic movement once more and more intense, but then because of the founder Bachman (Lutz  Bachmann) disguised himself as Hitler, in the face of the book at the refugee "scumbag", causing public resentment between the forces gradually declined, but recently because of a record the influx of refugees with violence, the organization is active again.

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