2012 ahead of Valentine’s day business opportunities, Valentine’s day look over

watched the Valentine’s day will come soon, we are able to seize the opportunity of the festival many opportunities, there must be a market to meet the market or the prophetic vision, missed opportunities is not just a.

single package, single party, traveling alone…… This Valentine’s Day is not just a couple. "Daily economic news" the survey found yesterday, while all around her when a couple of businesses, some enterprises are in the opposite direction, the focus will be on a single person.

and for single "tour pal", on Valentine’s day and a group of like-minded people to travel together, which may not be less than happy couples. An extreme off-road Club plan before February 14th to Jiangsu Liuhe sand off-road, participants must be single member, the event attracted a large number of SUV fancier pursued, activity cost AA, according to the current understanding of the quota is full. Insiders said that Valentine’s Day single people do business after all minority businesses, but the market is very large, if the business really can seize the singles of consumer psychology, the business may not be aimed at small than lovers.

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