BBK music mobile phone heavily to buy back the domain name

a common domain name registration fee but a hundred dollars a year, but a good domain name is often sold tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the high price. According to informed sources, the use of the new domain name in Sina micro-blog at the same time, the domestic quietly took place at acquisition: the case of domain name low-key well-known mobile phone brand BBK mobile phone music heavily purchased the domain name, according to sources, the transaction price in millions of yuan.

by whois query, domain name whois information has been updated, this domain name is registered in June 1997


but Alexa is not included in the BBK music phone all, has not changed.


in May 26th, we found that the use of BBK music mobile phone official website access to the original domain name, web site directly jump to the web site, the official website of navigation in the "online mall" and "interactive community" has been replaced by two domain and, however, when we click on the "online mall" link the web site, and turn into the BBK online store website,

has been in the domestic mobile phone, BBK music with strong media publicity, and the production of mobile phone has been the name of BBK LOGO, and with more and more companies and online business and publicity activities, the original domain name, not to remember long shortcomings gradually exposed, the flower giant repurchased on behalf of BBK brand the domain name, is likely to be BBK Unified Communication Technology Co. Ltd. all of its website domain name, this powerful access to the Internet and to develop network platform.

finally we also learned that BBK is also referred to as the bundesbank. in BBK music phone and the German central bank in the strength of the contest, was successfully scored BBK music phone.

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