The second section of the 2016 Asian Education Exhibition

, Asia’s largest education exhibition has come to an end in four days, achieved remarkable success. The education exhibition is the largest exhibition of education in Asia, covering a number of educational institutions to participate in the exhibition, whether it is youth education, children’s toy education, as well as education and so on are included in the study program. Can be described as a variety of dazzling people feel.

2016 Asian excellent education programs, online education tour (China station)

2016 China Education and training institutions, projects to join the chain and investment and financing exhibition

2016 Chinese preschool education projects, supplies and facilities for children’s Toys Exhibition

2016 China online education technology and equipment exhibition

2016 China training industry (play), with the enrollment of small gift trade fair

2016 International School in the Middle East, the cooperation and exchange program for overseas students

– China Education and training industry is the largest, the highest specification, the best effect, the most accurate positioning of the exhibition platform

– China’s educational products industry has not been developed, "blue ocean" off campus market, 1 billion class supplies market

– 18 meetings, training principals more than 10000 people, without instructions, on-site transactions, the volume of the country’s top


2016 Asian Education Conference (AEAC)

2016 the twelfth annual meeting of China’s education and training industry development and management

exhibition time: April 20, 2016 – 22

exhibition venue: China · Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

exhibition theme: pay attention to the development of the industry   display high quality project   help the school grow

exhibition features: to bring exhibition   to promote

sponsor: China Education and Training Alliance

exhibition organizer: Zhengzhou Pan Asia Alliance Exhibition Co. Ltd.

co organizer:


education and training sub Au


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