Kunming Panlong e-commerce business park will usher in Virtual Enterprises

The advantage of

special business incubation platform is very obvious, since the introduction of the country has made great achievements. After a year’s time, Kunming Panlong City Industrial Park business park is on the business incubator of the track, to provide professional assistance for more than more than twenty enterprises.

Under the rapid development in

according to the electricity supplier business park management committee Lin Shuixin introduction, Panlong electricity supplier business park location is limited, can hold up to 30 business entities settled, and currently has 23 business entities but also want to enter, many settled in the electricity supplier business park enterprises, and can not do all the assigned entity. "In this case, we consider to have their own office space of some enterprises, and meet all the conditions in the park, these companies can virtual enterprises settled, in addition to office space to enjoy the same preferential policies and entities in the park, and the number of virtual enterprises settled in no limit, as long as the conditions are met can." Lin Shuixin said.

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