M business owners to tell how to make money with the Pinyin domain name and digital domain name

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value of the domain name I don’t think I have too much to explain, I want to say today is the grassroots webmaster to sell the domain name, from the security analysis of your domain name (corn) how much value for money and how you should sell the domain name. There are some of my successful experience to share with you.

you can go to the A5 forum domain sale forum http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-310-1.html look can clearly find a problem: every day to sell the domain name post is to buy four to five times the number of Posts this domain, the direct description of a problem: oversupply! So, want to make a fortune by domain name speculation is quite difficult, unless you have a cow’s name, but honestly. Grassroots station very few.

a lot of domain names do not get to know one thing, that is: you think that a good combination, others can not accept, or others can not understand. Register a number plus the meaning of the domain name, and then according to the meaning of Pinyin plus hard to add a meaning. This example is too much. Especially some miscellaneous three meters of friends, the imagination sometimes really let me admire.

In fact,

said that the Vernacular: the most valuable domain name is two kinds of

A: digital domain name

two: Pinyin domain name

on the value of digital domain name. The industry is quite recognized, no matter how much money is sold in the end 88.com. Or a variety of domestic business opportunities are in the 8 or 88 of the end of the domain name is now like. All digital domain name, and two or three digital domain name how much fire. I also have a real friend, his hand has 051 this domain name. One hundred thousand buy in. Not sold until now. And they do not have a good position is a pity.

what I want to say today is not more than three or four domain names, these grassroots webmaster can not afford. What we can do is a five digit domain name. If there is love to see < win at the station; Chinese > may have the impression, the year before when there is a top twenty player overall project is "tax avoidance" said, white is to help enterprises to pay less tax, he was in the CCTV should be regarded as a good advertising (also have their own some entrepreneurial dreams, did not feel like an advertisement, because see the show was always very excited!) he said we will infinite near, but never overstepped, for example, for example, the man said "if there is a web site called you I try, the address is www.100544.cn, you can submit your online business we now provide free consultation." To know that the CCTV said so

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