Ye Zhaohui the journey from vice mayor to entrepreneur

most people still believe that the work of civil servants is stable and promising. However, some people chose to leave the circle, Ye Zhaohui is such a vice mayor turned into entrepreneurs entrepreneurs.

"two days before the new year’s Eve, I take care of things that the company early to return home, driving several hours spent at a high speed, I have never experienced the feeling." Ye Zhaohui said.

though it is a common destination. But before the trip have a chauffeur, now need to drive, and drive home the new year, this kind of feeling, let Ye Zhaohui seemed to find childlike excitement.

"I sat in the car, said to myself, oh, I just go home, or go home." The radio came from time to time to hurry home people’s blessing, and he has also become one of them.

The first spring festival at

"the more important festivals, especially the Spring Festival, the festival is not good, even the holidays are not on duty, but as leaders in charge, a sudden, always rushed to the first time." Ye Zhaohui said that, in particular, served as deputy magistrate later, not with the usual holiday.

this year the Spring Festival is a festival for more than and 10 years since Ye Zhaohui had the most comfortable.

"spend more time with the family, the Spring Festival this year is my biggest wish, to tell the truth, even if the past can go home every night, but get along with their parents or too little, not to mention the travel." At the beginning of 31, Ye Zhaohui took his family to Hengdian film and TV city.

"old age is more and more big, want their children to call, because I do not do, only to take advantage of this day, do some thing to do." Ye Zhaohui said.

business after less time with his son