Case analysis how to design super copy

we often see in the QQ group there are a few idiot mass advertising, a lot of pictures, a lot of text, the screen is full; I would like to ask you how much the effect of advertising?

but I still admire the execution of some people, every day with software.

I really want to say to him: "hard times have passed, not to be made, but the thought: I kindly remind people even want to instruct me, but they do not appreciate it, how to do? Then came to a halt, because before warned a idiot, the good heart as an intention. This idiot is enough, anyway you good is your thing, do not listen to.

A: remember two words:

1 hard advertising than soft advertising

2 soft advertising is not as good as participation


social goods on a few, you don’t need to send advertising, people would have known, the so-called wine alley deep fear;

in the community of goods, you have to send an ad to buy;

society on the goods very much, all advertising, you write a soft Wen, someone to buy;


social goods on the number, in a buyers’ market, are hard advertising, all the text, you design a copy there will be someone to buy.

By the way,

, the advertisers who advertise in our circle of friends. Hard wide effect.

in the circle of friends hair thing, remember: 28 law

28 law in the circle of friends is the value of the hair of the eighty percent, is the advertising of the twenty percent.

otherwise objectionable, then see the circle of friends a message you send, it may direct the inertia stroke in the past, not even pull the black watch.

two, so how to write soft Wen?

write an article like bath, you are the first shampoo or wash


must have washed his hair first.

write articles like a bath, to start from scratch!

write title is the key. On the title, not detailed today.


three how to write interactive copy?

attract eyeball + evoked interaction = Super copy

look at a few cases below.

case 1: a few simple copy, a lot of people chasing after the purchase.


a word, even pictures are not immediately produce tens of thousands of sales.

case two: Yan Zilong

recruit private tour guide.



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