Polarization of holiday online shopping report is true or false

The end of

eleven during the holiday, to stroll around the blog. In the e-commerce news column to see the contents of the next few days, the holiday online shopping, I believe there will be more news release. Of course, but see the news It is as expected, but the small pen is depressed.

"National Day" at home online shopping crazy "and" eleven holiday promotional shop does not lose the store. "This is the kind of view, another?" golden week online shopping business is bleak experts said the supporting service is not perfect "ah ~ even experts have moved out. So the two point of view, what is the reason?

to talk about the house at home caused by the popular online shopping bar. Now the Indoorsman Indoorswoman increasing, holiday is more often in the nest at home to many places, those people ah, unfortunately, one of the small pen is one of the places! This is understandable, after all, a holiday to go out to play, where are the people to see where, why, too the peak and then go, holiday can Kandie eating snacks at home, at leisure, and now a network cable, you go in the online world is no longer a fake, and now want to buy something online shopping is convenient, also do not need to go outside a shop and crowded, also do not need to increase the cost of the store, Why not?? so, is this holiday, online shopping will increase the amount of the said


say another argument is the golden week online shopping business bleak. This argument is based on the holiday, but many courier companies also have, during the holidays, delivery has become a big problem, but also there are many sellers also put a fake for himself, therefore decreased the amount of online shopping.

well, let’s talk about the polarization of the point of view, in the end which is really what to do it as a small pen to support the latter, that is, the business is bleak. Why?

, the first Indoorsman Indoorswoman than the public is minority after all, people are more willing to go for a walk outside, further said that in the home, go to the online shopping can have many


second, the National Day holiday, the holiday is the most express company, this is a new experience, before they encounter major holidays, express the same number of days for holiday, perhaps less but also have the effect of holiday, produced for the online shopping is certainly great, but also small in Taobao look, many of which are customer orders after processing the holidays.

third, small sellers posting in the forum to see the case of posting volume decreased significantly, there are also many sellers in the above said few sales, said tentatively whether a website update is still a problem, so a shop during the holidays there must be the reason for selling home and flow has been stagnant, that is a normal thing.

on the top of the idea of a small pen as well as the actual experience, in the golden week, I believe that online shopping is still a little light, and will result in the polarization of the report, I believe it is due to the reporter to see the partial side of the


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