Brand sale website the discount is very attractive to see the true and false

Dior sunglasses 47% off, Nike sportswear, 77% off……

brand sale website: the discount is very attractive, and can not see

website by ultra-low discount to attract consumers

Miss Yang is the net purchase of the net, she eats the basic use of the Internet to buy. She recently started to pay attention to all kinds of discount website:,, Lasafo…… She found that in these sites, the discount is very low, basically in 30 percent off or less, and many have a brand, especially cosmetics, almost all imported.

star models such as Estee Lauder eye cream, counter price of 540 yuan, sold at 34% off of these sites; Lancome miracle perfume, 30 ml of the counter price of 500 yuan, 269 yuan can buy on these sites…… These sites occasionally have a special sale of some luxury goods, Dior, Gucci and other brands of bags, glasses, sometimes the discount will be as low as 50 percent off.

Miss Yang said that such a discount intensity, much cheaper than overseas purchasing. "The day I saw Dior Sunglasses sale, as long as the 47% off, you know, I had no less than 30 percent off of overseas purchasing." However, Miss Yang told reporters that in the upcoming orders, she hesitated. She said: this discount is really attractive, but because it is too attractive, I am afraid to buy fake. The price of luxury goods is relatively high, even if the 47% off hit a few thousand dollars, so can not order. I think a lot of big names put the attitude is very high, it is unlikely to be so cheap online sales."

young lady said that she also recently bought some cosmetics online, but found that consumers in the online post said to buy a fake, so she did not dare to use. But the question to question, she and her friends are still on these sites in droves, from time to time to Edinburgh goods.

reporter Zhu Ruiya


online shopping has become an indispensable way for consumers to buy. In addition to, many consumers began to pay attention to a variety of sale website on these sites, consumers can buy cheap brand cosmetics, clothes, bags, shoes, is the counter price of 4-8 fold, even some products of low fold to 2-3.

although the discount is very low, it seems to be very cost-effective, but many consumers still play a question mark: something reliable?

, the female fashion, sale as the keyword

The reporter found that in an interview with

, "female fashion sale" is the key to these sites. These platforms in the entire process of marketing services to fit the female online shopping users as the core, most of the goods are female consumers are more interested in brand cosmetics, bags, clothing, jewelry, etc.. Reporters found that access to these sites, cosmetics are the most common sale product, almost every sale website >

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