Daily topics Founder turnover Shop No. 1 was acquired by WAL-MART electric can counter attack

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 28th news, leaving the founder shop 1, the fate of what will happen? It is understood that WAL-MART has acquired 1 stores remaining shares, a wholly-owned holding the business platform, the electricity supplier layout in China.

WAL-MART official announcement said that after the wholly owned holding number 1 shop, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business investment, hoping to create a seamless connection of online shopping experience, mobile client and store customers. At the same time, store 1 will continue to operate with the existing name, and will continue to maintain the local leadership team.

WAL-MART has had 1 store nearly 51% of the shares, from the financial services group Chinese peace and shop 1, co-founder and former chairman Yu Gang and former chief executive Liu Junling bought the remaining shares.

WAL-MART said that after the wholly-owned holding 1 shop, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business, hoping to create a seamless connection shopping experience online, mobile client and store customers. For the acquisition of all shares sold and the amount of the acquisition, WAL-MART said it is not convenient to disclose, but said that this investment has included electronic commerce before announcing the budget.

industry believes that WAL-MART is the world’s largest retail companies, but WAL-MART’s online business in the United States but only Amazon’s 1/7. WAL-MART’s relatively weak position in the U.S. online business, inspired by WAL-MART’s ambitions in china. Things can not be achieved in the United States, through shop 1, WAL-MART found in China to achieve the rapid development of online business may.

and WAL-MART took over the number 1 shop is also facing operating pressure, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that almost all of the current food stores electricity supplier in the burn grab traffic, including shop No. 1, Jingdong and Suning, flying cow network, logistics are operating at a loss state, most losses of more than 100 million yuan.

iResearch latest 2015Q1 China B2C shopping site trading scale market share shows that Tmall accounted for 58.6%, followed by Jingdong, No. 1, accounting for only about 1.4%, ranked in vip.com, Suning, Gome after. In the shop 1, the headquarters of Shanghai, RT mart’s "flying cow net" is completely different from the shop No. 1 routines from the potential target, shop No. 1.

"Although WAL-MART capital

Shop No. 1, and No. 1 to store into WAL-MART’s online business, but because the shop No. 1 in the electronic business status and WAL-MART logistics short board, shop No. 1 wholly owned WAL-MART its core competitive advantage is not obvious." An industry analyst familiar with e-commerce said.

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