Why VC often come in to change CEO

many people do not know the difference between CEO and general manager. The difference between the two is not only the difference between the literal, CEO is the chief executive officer, is 5 letter abbreviation, than the general manager of more than two words. The CEO is accepted and recognized because the Internet heatwave, but CEO eventually spread to the entire China business, Haier Zhang Ruimin, Changhong Ni Runfeng, Hisense Zhou Houjian, Zhou Houjian Konka put on the title at the very moment. The addition of domestic giants has made CEO a title, a title that may be higher than the president and general manager, or a higher priority, a cover for a team of strong partners.

CEO actually produce more investment for high-tech enterprises, high risk is, in general, between the investor and the entrepreneurial team in the development of enterprises can not completely consistent, it is very easy to understand, investors demand is huge, snowball returns, the entrepreneurial team is more in order to realize the ideal, the two the ass and not sit together, the natural position also not consistent, the conflict is natural. In a sense, venture capitalists are speculative, he is more in the enterprise has just entered the seeds when the germination.

in 2001, I had heard of IDG’s vice president of Pacific Investment Chinese District Lin Dongliang about venture capital operation: operation of the two or three key projects on hand, waiting to grow up four or five possible projects, then put six or seven potential projects. This is what we often say that the people of the " look at the bowl, staring at the pot, thinking about other people’s pot ". According to this argument, venture capital is likely to add or withdraw funds in the process of entering a business, it is also possible to exercise the right to speak directly to the capital. In this story, we see after the Internet bubble burst a lot, however, because the media have a natural sympathy for the weak plot, the story eventually became the capital of ruthless, tearless hero waking.

so, entrepreneurs in the investor before one has no right to speak, there is no choice ripped off? The answer is no, the emergence of CEO is to allow entrepreneurial enterprises to obtain a system guarantee and capital dialogue. In principle, so that the founder of the new company as the representative of the CEO, investors do not trust; let investors as the representative of the new company’s CEO, the founder of the team is not willing to. Therefore, in the face and the heart is not the same, choose a relationship with both sides are not associated with a professional reputation as a manager, is an inevitable choice for CEO.

of course there is a situation that is the founder of the team has very strong learning ability, can let the directors think you can lead us along the way, in this case, you may be CEO, but in most cases is to let you when the chairman of the board, but the vote is only one vote. ".

Ma Yun says more than 1000 people can say that CEO is in vain, the number is not particularly clear limits; but frequently say that they are C>

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