The third installment of the website of the Chinese version of the website of the Chinese nternet

recently, the General Administration of press and publication according to the monitoring clues supervision system of network publishing, published on 57 "and 13" sleaziness Dili yinhuiseqing network literature website were investigated.

it is understood that this is the press and publication administration since the end of last year announced 197 published yinhuiseqing and vulgar content website list, released earlier this year and 74 published yinhuiseqing

networkAfter the list of

novel website, published the third batch of illegal website list. The investigation of the site list includes dragon novel network, energy-saving, the student is read, the original April day network, Chinese 57.

publishing supervision to effectively strengthen the network, the General Administration of press and publication will not regularly publish relevant illegal websites list, and encourage the public to supervise the site and rectification effect, and jointly create a network cultural environment conducive to the healthy growth of minors.

third batch of illegal website list is as follows:

1 Fei Lu novel network

2 energy-saving

3 new learning network

4 student fiction network

5 novel network

6 Ninth Chinese network

7 pig literature

8 WDA smart station

9 novel king

10 Combi Chinese network

11 Beijing love book

12 April days original network

13 long novel network

14 three Chinese network

15 dragon novel network


The student is read


18 N dimensional space

19 Beijing novel network

20 reading network

21 bubble club

2219 floor

23 wolf TXT novel download

24 rivers and lakes

255617 online entertainment

26 novel reading network

27 Chinese contemporary art community

28 if rain Chinese net

29 quick see book

30 free


31 paradise bird Internet cafe

32 leather Literature Network

33 first-class literary network

34 wind novel network

35 Chinese

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