Talk about the difficulty of doing source download station!

      its source station has been opened for nearly a year, a word "hard", now only more than 9 thousand of the IP, from a little less than ten thousand!

      now the source code download station was not as alfys station, a source download channel can guide the individual owners of the half of the country! At that time, the source code download station can do a little bit of a fire, a moving network forum in the process of downloading the general station of the day there are at least a few hundred downloads, traffic amazing! Do not talk about optimization, as long as the webmaster efforts, a lot of stay up late to find resources, update run a source station that is no problem!

      but now is not the same, the Internet shenhuan surprising and unpredictable! Now do download station in addition to Huajun, the sky is the mainstream, the excellent individual stationmaster, Ying Zheng, energy-saving etc. can also be done, the other is the DOWNLOAD of a new cloud system, fighting for seven days and nights, a new download station again! Numerous branches speed! But even if Baidu included tens of thousands, every day over IP but Chou Liao Wuji, a sweat! There’s less from GOOGLE over there! How to stand out in the vertical and horizontal download stations, take the characteristics of the road is the best choice. The so-called feature is different, go their own way, let others say.

      we do the source code download, the daily work is to find the source code, not easy! The station has been open for nearly a year, the feeling is not good, the flow is too slow! Optimization of a resource update, not to mention it, this year does not update the site can survive, but also into the flow of IP million! I think only the garbage station in ace can do. So there is a period of time suddenly reminded of the need to do a good job, so find the source as far as possible to find a good, to find a complete, but also to do the test, what PHP, ASP.NET, JSP and other environments are installed, start debugging! Fortunately, the university not, some basic stuff or understand a little bit, but the attendant problem of how to test a source is not so simple, too much repetitive work, Download decompression to copyright – a series of advertising spam – copied to the corresponding directory to debug and debugging – – – copy – screenshot package need to write, install and use the instructions – with the procedures and upload your own web site, thus a source of work to complete, in order to find a better source, I make it easy to find the tramp over mountains and through ravines, a feel of the source, a test mom, B! Kaba in the pig! In order to do the characteristics, I refused to share some of the requirements of the company’s version of the collection, such as the limited version of the source code, I offended a lot of friends, but in order to develop the site I have to do.

      find the source of the time is not very long, the test only

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