Ali report shop 90% men operating the owner of the shop up to 61%

[Reuters] news billion state power in March 24th, before the Alibaba Research Center issued the "network of employment and Social Security Research Report", the report shows the network employment overall size of nearly 10 million people.

report obtained by statistics, online business shop, more than 90% of the individual shop, according to the calculation of the number of individual businesses to promote the network of entrepreneurial employment of up to 6 million people. The network employment is mainly male, 34 years old, and the education level is relatively high.

survey shows that shop owners accounted for 61.7% of men, women accounted for 38.3%. The average age of the shop owner is 28 years old, the age of 25-34 years of age between more than half of the staff, people under the age of 24 and below accounted for about 1/3, people aged 35 and above accounted for only about 11.5%. Shop owner education level accounted for more than 86.8% of high school, which accounted for more than college accounted for more than 86.8%, of which more than tertiary education accounted for 60.4%, junior high school and below education level accounted for 13.2%.

nearly 80% network entrepreneurs to operate independently, more than 20% direct employment. Survey shows that 29.9% of the shop owner self-employed entrepreneurial employment, that is, there is no shop employees. 21.3% of the shop belongs to the owner of the business and drive others to obtain employment, the owner of the shop belongs to the network part-time.

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