2013 electricity supplier main profit war non 3C category into Dangdang breakthrough

capital under the cold, the electricity supplier began to pursue the scale of the pursuit of profit from the previous. After the Jingdong, where the customer requirements profit stops, including Dangdang, Wo Wo Group, the electricity supplier’s profit target at. 2013 electric business war hero, will be before the price war of shopping, back in 2013 the electricity supplier industry profit competition, or profit inflection point.

December 26, 2012, the daily economic news reporter learned from the inside of Dangdang, Li Guoqing has been identified as a non 3C category as a self hematopoietic base in order to reach the goal of quarterly profit in 2013.

IT commentator Cao Yueping believes that in 2013, with a comprehensive business platform in the aspects of logistics, information system, supply chain system, the huge investment to an end (have a certain scale), electricity providers will gradually out of the high profit investment period, the inflection point.

non 3C category into a profit breakthrough

reporter learned from the inside of the Dangdang, recently, Li Guoqing convened Dangdang more than and 10 front-line executives held a meeting in Beijing, Kowloon resort. The meeting, Li Guoqing identified the dangdang.com future strategic layout: the next 3 years, Dangdang will focus on high-end positioning, and category layout will be more focused on the books, baby, clothing, daily necessities and other four major categories, soft 100 and digital business for cultivation of category.

, according to a senior executive said, as early as 2009, when he was the vice president of Dangdang market Chen Tenghua Dangdang on whether to vigorously develop 3C category and Li Guoqing had a dispute. Chen Tenghua believes that if you do not develop 3C category, Dangdang sales will soon be beyond the competitors, after all, the average price of a book is only between 20~30 yuan, while the price of mobile phones, laptops thousands of times. And Li Guoqing believes that the category 3C gross profit is very low, in addition, the warranty service, logistics costs are higher than other categories, as a convenience category is acceptable. If fully invested, will fall into a long-term loss of the impasse, does not meet the business logic.

in fact, "profit" has become a common industry "topic", but 3C is popular, because it is able to rapidly expand sales figures, gain market share, however, 3C’s low gross profit margin has become the biggest problem.

according to the participants executives said at the meeting, Li Guoqing will be an analogy to the situation of the Jingdong, after Jingdong outflow of financial reports in 2011, revenues of 21 billion 100 million yuan, gross profit of only $5.5%. Li Guoqing believes that such a low gross margin has been unable to meet the billions of dollars or even hundreds of billions of dollars of platform construction. That’s why Li Guoqing only to 3C as a convenience category and fought in the non 3C field.

alignment gross margin increased by

Analysys International senior analyst Chen Shou send pointed out: "the net revenue, gross margin, operating expenses are three key indicators of capital assessment business circles. The capital of winter, the gross margin is more like Damour Damocles determines >

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