Google’s new search FAQ for 3 years the biggest architectural update

lead: "PC World" network edition wrote today, to some common problems to explain the Caffeine.

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on Monday unveiled the "next generation architecture" web search platform "Caffeine (caffeine)", the company said the latest search engine is faster and more accurate search content than the current Google search more widely.

Google search currently occupy a monopoly in the online search market, network traffic monitoring agency Hitwise data show that in June Google’s search market share in the United States is about 3/4.

below are some common questions about Caffeine:

asked: what is Caffeine?

: Caffeine is a revised version of Google’s current search engine.

: where can I see Caffeine?

answer: Google launched a web developer preview site Caffeine, currently the site only supports the general web browser, the user is not in the mobile phone on the search engine test.


Caffeine and the Google


: the search engine itself has some changes, Google engineers to rewrite some of the search engine infrastructure, but the company did not disclose specific details. In short, the new search engine shows the search results faster, and the order has changed.

: is there an example of how Caffeine search results can be changed?

answer: you can try to search in Google search "PC World", and the same search in Caffeine. In this article: when Google search and Caffeine fourth search results are different, the former is a link to "blog PC World" on the site, and the latter is linked to the Amazon website on the "PC World" subscription page. If you compare the search results page of two search engines, users can find other differences.

asks: does Caffeine affect the interface?

answer: No. Caffeine is a "bottom technology" update, and will not change the external interface Google users see.

: how fast is Caffeine?

answer: for example, according to our test, the use of Google search to search for "PC World" time of 0.15 seconds, Caffeine is only about 0.9 seconds.


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