nventory Valuation of more than 50 million yuan local website

evaluation criteria:

1, revenue, traffic comprehensive index.

2, regional space, urban strategic value.

3, influence.

4, private sites, the shares constitute a simple.

5, has been acquired, the state-owned background is not listed. For example: the 19 floor, fence network, Hefei forum, Chongqing Shopaholic, etc..

valuation over 50 million of the local site list is as follows:


attached: evaluation of the local portal of the seven indicators

The development mode of

local portal site has been gradually clear, there have been more and more cases will break Web2.0 profit predicament. From the perspective of development, the media and e-commerce has become an accepted way. From the operating model, the vertical and mixed operation of the portal to solve the problem of profitability. In this field there have been a number of successful: Xicihutong, 19 floor, Hefei forum, forum, small long lane etc..

we know that the investment community in this field have been eager. However, the current evaluation criteria in the field is still very vague, with a simple feeling, good and bad evaluation is not rational. The conventional valuation method is profitability, but the lag effect of advertising, local economic space, the future potential of the site is likely to cause serious deviation from the valuation and actual value. Aside valuations, the local portal itself, but also requires an objective evaluation criteria.

so, how to evaluate the rational, objective and quantitative indicators, I think, should be considered from seven aspects:

a, product index

products include the site’s business and technical architecture, is the embodiment of the Internet technology business. Including architecture, design, technology three aspects. Evaluation can be carried out as follows:

· advanced technology and security / user experience / technical management ability / artistic expression ability /SEO application ability

two, community indicators

is the core of the local portal community, and thus the ability to become the most basic local community portal operating indicators. This ability can be evaluated from the following aspects:

· community product operation ability / community information security control ability / activity organization ability / community personnel management ability / basic flow index: PV, UV, IP,

three, information capabilities

portal is the only way for local website evolution by the community. Portal is also the media, is the website information operation. The capabilities of the analysis are as follows:

· editing ability / ability / special / professional / multimedia stream >

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