On About Baidu ranking position, easy fun bidding

today to talk about Baidu ranking position, how to position to improve the conversion rate, before I have heard this argument, the boss said, Xiao Yao ah, these words must be routed to the first, so this time we really Speechless, why these words should be ranked first, we have not thought about, maybe you can say that the first bid personnel must be good, but there is no thought if we put some purchase intention or conversion effect of bad words at the first row, so our budget will be these words into the words of consumption, consumption will certainly be affected, it is not difficult to imagine that the marketing effect. Maybe some people will say we account for this operation for tens of thousands of keywords is very strong, we have so much time to do fine management? For this idea of the bidding, your mind should be on a stage, we do account managers, from the frame of the system, the management of account and not to stay in the operation of the account level.


for the above problem, here we use the "28 principles", things in the world can be explained by the 28 principles, that is to say we account 80% of the marketing effect or conversion are determined by 20% key words, if we can find those 20% key words fine management, good control of each unit within the creative display position, improve the marketing effect of account.

turn to the question, said today is the position strategy, improve marketing effectiveness, mainly from the home to the left and right Ranking Ranking and the left front page Baidu health aspects in detail.

first, the home page on the left (Baidu health above)

I have also written about the consumer behavior model analysis and visitors to buy changes in demand related articles, if you do not know the friends can turn over my blog article view, here is no longer specific. Do the bidding of the friends should know Baidu health, home on the left side position is changed from 10 to three, then we will analyze behind these keywords or keywords such desire to buy, if some common words, words, words of doubt symptoms symptoms, so it is necessary for us to pay a high price to grab the first three positions? Or that we still need to grab the page on the left side position? Some people will ask, what words for three

before the robbery?Our brand

first official website, we must first grab, this is no longer too much to explain, at the same time it should be noted that if our company still has the strength of brand, then consider brand "starting line", such as impact on the brand is not in the specific explanation, if we do not have to as the economic conditions to do so, we should at least do line chain. We must first say those words, then we say a "grab third" strategy, perhaps some people will say, why don’t we grab the first or second? If we put those to grab the top three to third words, then we can reduce the cost of conversion, >

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