Ali to repaying the copycat Sakura potential to spare none


] April 13th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, April 2nd by wonderflower Sakura electrical Alibaba in the whole network is blocked, then return to "JSUYIHA" and "SOULKEY" trademark to deformation in the electronic business platform sales.

said: "in this regard, the Alibaba will continue to spare no effort to promote the" Guangzhou Sakura "repaying the work, and actively cooperate with law enforcement departments on the production line manufacturers do targeted". Guangzhou Sakura punishment announcement is still in Ali each platform in the air.

According to

April 2nd, billion state power network to understand, after Alibaba blocked "Sakura" appliances, Jingdong, Suning, shop No. 1 domestic business platform within 24 hours is also under the framework of wonderflower’s goods.

Taiwan Sakura Sakura electrical appliance Mami (SAKURA) electricity supplier responsible person said that since April 2nd, Taiwan Sakura (SAKURA) of the natural flow growth of nearly 40%. In addition, 8 years ago because of trademark infringement and Guangzhou cherry lawsuit, but the line is very difficult way of rights.

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