19 80 network attack online games PW enrichment 70 million


  illegal "Knight" a group of active on the Internet, made 70 million yuan of major, and they are generally the only high school, junior high school culture 80.

they through the implementation of network attacks, forcing a well-known domestic game PW release station will be handed over to the PW advertising agency business, so as to extract high advertising agency fees, from profiteering.

in a short period of 1 years, quickly becoming the 3 principal let all have tens of millions of dollars worth of luxury cars.

recently, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security monitoring Corps cracked the case of illegal invasion of computer information system investigation concluded. Currently, the case has been prosecuted to the court by the Yubei District procuratorate.

incident: a group of mysterious Knight active network

a year ago, the Ministry of public security to the Chongqing internet police assigned together to supervise the handling of cases "Knight attack group" (hereinafter referred to as the "Knight group") the illegal invasion of computer information system case, opened a prelude to this big pile of network.

preliminary work results reflect the knight group is Cai, Hu led the Internet attack organization. The main target of the group for the legendary advertising station, through the implementation of network attack, make use of the PW game player can not be on the line, it can not operate, eventually forcing the PW release station will take the advertising agency to "Knight group" business. Then, to profit by means of demand, such as the release of an advertisement needs 80 yuan, it will be the price down to 40 yuan, and then extracted from the difference of 40 yuan. Since the gang began to operate in the legendary business, the use of foreign nickname for the knight, the pressure of the industry gradually called it the knight attack group".

suddenly, PW operators smell "Knight" color. In the legend, they even have the ability to "let the rest of the dishes who have to eat vegetables.".

in fact, the investigation also found that the "Knight group" in the implementation of release station attacks on legendary advertising, he also operated 4 PW advertising station, their behavior can also be regarded as a vicious competition between the illegal "peer".

detection: seize the 5 million clues in fox’s tail

involved in the case of more than a dozen sites, one or two, the level of agents throughout the country, showing the structure of Pyramid. Chongqing police set up a task force to start the case detection.

It is clear that

is located in the terminal of the suspects had profit hacker background and hit record, anti investigative experience "Knight" group of PW advertising station only responsible for the release of legendary advertising, the advertising source also is provided by the advertising agency, and the group’s website did not leave any contact. To dig out the site behind the control personnel, only from below

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