Suning through online and offline stores nternet cloud store

Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin at the meeting said investors, as compared to the previous line shop, shop cloud from the cost is in the "subtraction", after the transformation of the core stores is to improve the floor effect, rich category, "from the asset light direction".

Why is the lion image design

"" face? Zhang Jindong smiled at the helm in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "Suning is waking lion, adorable face? The dim point is good, can not be afraid of difficulties."

according to his plan, the future of the small lion icon will appear in all Su Ningxin opened the shop on the cloud, which means that Suning this year about the retail industry an important decision: from online and offline channels through

what is the "cloud store" refers to the essence of’s landing?. Suning Tesco is an important bearing products by traditional retailers transition to Internet retailers. Su Ninghua 6 years of transformation of the internet. At present, Suning strategic adjustment will be to break the line, the line will be moved to the real life line cloud store. April 21st, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong announced a series of new layout of Su ningyun investor conference that has been defined "bend straight into the Su Ning, has now entered the fast track at full speed.

down from the line to the line, the two lines together to force the line to move down the line, the reason is that the real retail O2O mode, online and offline any one leg can not be less, especially under the line. Su ningyun is a transitional stage, is the real end products". "Not really control the quality of store operations, any way are opportunistic, may not be the real O2O." Zhang Jindong said.

traditional retailers Internet thinking

April 21st, Su ningyun held investor conference in Nanjing headquarters, Zhang Jindong came to power on the laughs, someone said his hoarse voice was much better this year, he said this is because of the large data speak with his voice when fewer. Big data is a significant sign of the Internet, but also Suning these two years is painstaking research.

with the help of Internet technology, Suning has formed a cloud shop, PC, mobile, home full channel layout, Suning in PC, mobile platform operators gradually embarked on the track, with the acquisition of PPTV into the living room big screen. Suning to force the Internet, because in the traditional chain era, see channels increases can only rely on continue to shop, the store can not be unlimited open down, Jindong realized that range to open stores covering a total blind spot, there will always be a cost benefit limit.

is the Internet gave Suning unlimited imagination, and a store can carry tens of thousands of SKU even more. Today, Suning has established a comprehensive combination of electrical appliances 3C, supermarkets, maternal and child, department stores, finance, culture and other consumer characteristics, the category to achieve substantial expansion. From the acquisition of red child, open platform on-line, supermarket operators to integrate the contents of the PPTV industry chain, the purpose is only one: in the fierce competition

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