Jingdong’s luxury website 360top online domain name has been cited controversy

Admin5 webmaster network November 22nd news: today, Jingdong mall’s luxury website 360Top formally launched the domain name 360top.com. The current site classification of luggage leather goods, luxury watches, footwear, accessories, jewelry, beauty and fragrance, the taste of life in six sections, covering the vast majority of luxury consumer goods and the assembly of many domestic and foreign well-known luxury brands. It is worth noting that the quality of life under the classification of wine, home, sports equipment, health care products are not traditional luxury goods online shopping. In addition to the introduction of 360top Magazine magazine, guide luxury online shopping.

luxury online shopping market ushered in a new round of "fight"

2011, with the continuous development of online shopping, luxury online shopping gradually into the middle of consumers. Internet entrepreneurs and investors are also on the luxury online shopping showed a special favor. According to relevant data show that in recent years, the domestic luxury goods consumption has been more than Europe and the United States, the annual growth rate of more than 20% rapid growth. 2010-2011 global e-commerce research report is expected: the next two years, the scale of domestic luxury e-commerce sales will be more than 20 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of the industry is expected to remain at more than 100%. 2011 second quarter of China’s luxury online shopping market transactions reached $3 billion 450 million, an increase of 19%, the annual turnover is expected to exceed $16 billion. In 2011, it is also known as "the first year of China"".


luxury online shopping market is broad, but luxury sites are facing praised the embarrassing situation. Not long ago, NetEase launched the NetEase is still goods". Sina is not far behind Sina launched the "luxury goods", due to the strong involvement of the Internet web site, coupled with intense competition in the luxury online shopping market itself, although the luxury online shopping market overall bullish, but local to a site level, development can hardly be optimistic, most luxury goods sales and user scale is difficult to reach the expected. 360top’s online will rely on the brand and the size of the user’s Jingdong, in the luxury online shopping market set off a new competition or even shuffle. Specification for luxury jewelry online shopping market at the same time, there will be more fierce fighting.

domain name selection issue has been controversial

domain name whois information (query from A5 Webmaster Tools)

previously Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said Jingdong mall or will launch luxury website. Not long ago, the Jingdong micro-blog mall official recruitment information display Jingdong are recruiting luxury online shopping related personnel, then there are rumors that the Jingdong mall luxury site toplife.com will be officially launched in November. Now the Jingdong luxury website officially launched, but not the rumors of toplife.com, but its main domain name enabled similar 360top.com. Many industry insiders said, the domain name is just passable.

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