Daily topic Sina rival micro-blog is not abandoned Only maintain basic operations

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 23rd news, according to Tencent’s internal news yesterday, Tencent micro-blog Division has been revoked, Tencent is no longer on the new features of micro-blog to increase, only to maintain basic operations.

Tencent announced that: the network media business group (OMG) initiative to change, Tencent.com Tencent and micro-blog will make a new exploration in the news and social integration, the integration of Tencent and Tencent micro-blog product operations team news team.

on 2010 after the line, Tencent micro-blog had a good position in the Tencent, and even was expected to be an important business, and now still failed to go beyond the rival Sina micro-blog. The Tencent micro-blog abandoned, insiders said, from the internal point of view, micro-blog Tencent itself is QQ derivatives, poor product positioning, talk with QQ, QQ space function, product logic also has problems not timely adjustment. At the same time, Tencent internal competition, micro-blog is not its core products. From an external point of view, Tencent micro-blog started late, is to follow the trend of sina micro-blog to do the product, in the latter’s strong offensive defeat.

back in March 21st, Tencent opened Sina micro-blog account, you can see the business of micro-blog on this one step ahead of the Tencent Inc to let go".

analysts believe that the outside is far behind Sina micro-blog Tencent, is also facing strong internal competition in many products, strategic failure has become inevitable, the reorientation is a failure signal.

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