Baidu Post Bar announced the launch of the media open platform program

According to

news release: Baidu Post Bar Division will start before the media plan to officially open platform, inviting the urban media to build a Baidu Post Bar around the leading place.

The specific content of

media open platform plan is: one, to join the open platform Post Bar media media, will have the official identity Post Bar and distinct identification marks, with local Post Bar top position in the exclusive right to operate. Two, Baidu will identify IP as a local Internet users, to recommend the media, to further gather the potential users of traditional media. Three, Baidu Post Bar media open plan also includes the stick with the traditional media to further develop the local commercial value of the content. After the opening of the right to operate it to the local media quality, the new cross media platform will increase the intensity of foreign trade development, and cooperation in the framework of the two sides to share revenue.

The general manager of Baidu

Post Bar division Shu Xun said, as one of the largest Chinese information platform, not a Post Bar editors and reporters, they do not produce content, but Post Bar users there is a great demand for high quality information, so Post Bar and local high quality media cooperation, for the user Post Bar media import media Post Bar import information, the two sides did not the competition, only a win-win situation.

Baidu post bar in August this year, since the establishment of the division, Baidu place it moves frequently. Baidu has with the Hangzhou daily to build "Hangzhou place", and build the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily "Shijiazhuang place", and build a "Fujian southeast express".

industry insiders believe that Baidu Post Bar now has enormous influence and ability of aggregation of Internet users, through the cooperation of local media can obtain network platform operation starting point higher, the digital penetration of traditional media and transformation is a major positive.

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