Social network business e-commerce business emerging community is dead

In recent years,

has been reading the news of the impact of the economic crisis on the retail industry, at the same time, the network is a hot retail, a thriving scene. According to reports, e-commerce sales in the past 10 years, the annual growth rate of nearly 20%, far exceeding the development of offline retail.

, according to MasterCard estimates, the end of the Christmas season in Europe and the United States online sales rose by 15% over the same period in 2009, in the year of October 31st to the year of 23 in the day, the total retail sales reached $36 billion 400 million in North america. So we will continue to see that the traditional form of retailers and a variety of retail formats will continue to struggle in the life and death line, and online retailers through continuous innovation practice, e-commerce will be pushed to a new climax.

e-commerce dead?

look forward to this year’s global e-commerce trends, I think, this new climax can be called community business era. I used to say in my blog post that e-commerce is dead. The absolute statement should be said that really has "title party", but it contains some truth, because the global e-commerce has begun to combine e-commerce with social media environment depth, business model, customer experience, technical means will be quite different, the business philosophy, marketing, sales, service and management have formed great challenge.

at the beginning of 2011, the global Internet industry appeared in the two event provides a clue: group purchase website Groupon rejected the emerging Internet giant Google bid $6 billion bid; Facebook investment banking giant Goldman $500 million investment. Although Groupon was the first group purchase group purchase website mode, but the industry within a very short period of time of intense competition, it seems the threshold is not high, refused to Internet gangster $5 billion, what’s behind this confidence? Goldman hurriedly put $500 million to Facebook, although with Facebook to help in the next two years listed with vigour and vitality the meaning, but does that mean it is anxious to catch the last bus


these two events to hide a deeper trend: this year will be a rapid rise in community commerce, e-commerce is entering a new stage. Facebook is a large social networking site, Groupon is a collective bargaining by consumers to get a substantial discount business e-commerce platform. The commonality between the two companies is that they are based on interpersonal communication. Facebook has been not understand how to commercialize it once to imitate the Google search advertising model, and give up because of strong opposition of users. Now, we can safely say that the commercial prospect of internet interpersonal communication is clearly visible, and the future of limitless splendor. And the prospect of community commerce. The rapid growth of Groupon reflects the future prospects of the community business by the investment community, and will soon become a mainstream business model.

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