One day to earn 26w 90 micro-blog is how to lay down the money earned

social media era, with the rise of the media, such as WeChat, the outside world there are some rumors that micro-blog was declining trend. In recent years, the author in a number of Taobao group chat with the group of friends, there will be a few Taobao will say micro-blog do not promote the effect of good, can not make money. Today, Taobao customers use micro-blog to make money, in the end how the value of this is a lot of concern about Taobao customers. Qiao said to have around two days ago I saw micro-blog, do a very beautiful "selling micro-blog Coliseum is Taobao off, I thought it was a good chance, he told the person in charge of small talk, this really is not a chat chat does not know, jump ah. You said not to earn money Taobao guests, first rub a wipe saliva, take a small bench, listening to the road.


micro-blog promotion earning?

micro-blog promotion effect in the end? JXC started out a string of numbers, I was shocked: the monthly income of 30W last year, double 11 day commission income 26w… Even more surprising is that behind these glamorous figures, is actually a 25 year old graduate, only a year after 90 guy. According to the readme JXC, he was a restless, dare to spell people, big start out of business, a lot of things. In doing these things inside, do better is micro-blog, of course, it will not do Taobao. In contact with micro-blog, the main source of income is to help businesses and businesses advertising, then income can also be. One day in March 2012, a small Cong at the time to chat with people, see people make money through Taobao off this way can be thought, you can try, began the transition to Taobao customers. Just started doing, they took advantage of their previous accumulation of fans, micro-blog’s effect is better, the first month there will be more than and 10 W of revenue, and then determined to take the road Taobao off this. Now the street has a team of 32, 5, 60 micro-blog, special micro-blog promotion. More than a few micro-blog fans have millions. Now the contents of several micro-blog street has become the object imitated by other micro-blog.

micro-blog fans how to accumulate


now do micro-blog, the number of fans can be said to be the lifeblood. How to accumulate fans, has been a headache for many Taobao customers. Xiao Cong said: "micro-blog can accumulate fans, with others each powder, can also use some applications of these methods increase the fans, we have tried. We feel there is a better way is to find a large V forwarding, because I had to earn some money through micro-blog, look for those about one million fans, let them help advertising. I had half a year inside money into the cast, most people have not the courage. Other Taobao customers will think that micro-blog does not have so much revenue, but I firmly believe that the value of Taobao customers, will do so. You see, I spend money to lead fans, the fans as customers give their recommended goods, fans see your product, he will come next, you think of a fan even if I earn 5 dollars, 100W fans is 500W returns, I >

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