Hubei’s largest electricity supplier entrepreneurial story how to rely on the sunset industry bigger

[Abstract]2015, Hubei ushered in the golden age of development of the Internet, entrepreneurs began to look forward to the future from the industrial level.


left for the Ningmei Guo CEO Wang Hongtao (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 16th

for a long time, Hubei’s Internet talent, talent to occupy half of the country China output of Internet, such as millet CEO Lei Jun (micro-blog), 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) was born in Hubei, but Hubei is regarded as the Internet Chinese desert, talents loss of the storm.

for a long time, the birth of the Hubei PPTV and other technology companies, but also moved away from Hubei, for this reason, Hubei Internet entrepreneurs have been depressed for a long time.

finally wait until 2015, Hubei ushered in the golden age of development of the Internet, Baidu CEO Robin Li, Tencent CEO (micro-blog), chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba (micro-blog) have come to Wuhan. Hubei provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong also called on to seize the Internet ticket".

earlier, millet CEO Lei Jun, 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, innovation works chairman Li Kaifu (micro-blog) also have been to Wuhan, the Wuhan, Optics Valley is negotiating the incubator and fund cooperation and innovation works, and Shun capital cooperation in advance.

is also in 2015, "the unicorn" corporate headquarters Betta moved back to Wuhan Optics Valley, Hubei was born the first listed Internet companies – Sheng day network. Hubei’s largest electricity supplier website Ning America is also the first time to achieve annual sales exceeded 2 billion 400 million, into a new level.


compared to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen tall, similar Betta, Sheng day network, Ning Mei country is starting from the grassroots. For example, Sheng day network is starting from the corridor, do Internet cafe system started, the United States is better than the United States from the computer DIY sunset industry bigger.

said Ningmei Guo told the Tencent interview in Wuhan CEO science and technology Wang Hongtao, when compared to the north of Guangzhou Hubei entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should first consider the problem of existence, others do not, they do survive, and then slowly think big.

in fact, with the rapid development of mobile Internet today, computer DIY industry is not optimistic about everyone, but after so many years, Ning Mei nation not only rapidly expand in this industry, the central region’s largest city — to guangbutun computer do lie ".


team had almost fall apart borrow 400 thousand maintenance management


computer DIY Ningmei Guo is mainly focused on the integration of computer and accessories in the R & D sales, the so-called integrated computer, refers to the related personnel integrated design, installation and debugging, the software and hardware integration after the computer can meet the individual requirements of users.

integrated computer is not only a desktop

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