T community website CSDN announced the completion of the A round of financing


technology news October 23rd afternoon news, IT community website CSDN announced today that it has completed A round of financing, this round of financing amounted to tens of millions of dollars, by the broadband capital (China Broadband Capital) combined with Fangguang (F& G Venture) capital, while the introduction of Intel investment (Intel Capital) strategic investment in business cooperation as the core the.

CSDN was founded in 1999, is China’s largest IT technology community and service platform, registered users have more than 27 million.

CSDN founder and chairman Jiang Tao said, after the financing, CSDN will be based on a comprehensive upgrade and improve the platform and products, through the IT China for technical personnel to provide systems and social learning and sharing knowledge, accurate occupation career development, to code for the core code hosting a full range of cloud + networking programming the service, by providing a platform for the promotion of the brand, technology and products for technology companies Chinese, establish user sub active community, to promote China technology platform and the construction of ecological system of accelerator.

about CSDN

CSDN was founded in 1999, is the largest and Chinese IT community service platform, to provide knowledge dissemination, occupation development, software development lifecycle services for Chinese software developers and IT professionals to meet them in the occupation in the development of learning and sharing of knowledge and information, establish occupation development circle, to achieve commercialization. Rigid demand by software development. With more than 27 million registered members (including active members of the month of 8 million), registered companies and partners of 500 thousand.

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