Pacific direct purchase network constitutes a pyramid selling margin was investigated layers

February 15th, Henan County People’s court open "(2012) is at the start of second words" verdict shows: Jiangxi life investment development limited company management behavior has constituted the MLM, subjective to seek illegitimate interests, dismissed the lawsuit. The Changchun Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce also intends to issue its illegal income confiscated 33 million 128 thousand yuan, a fine of $2 million. In this regard, China anti MLM volunteer alliance responsible person introduced to Lingyun Tianfuzaobao reporter, its subsidiary Pacific direct purchase network is actually in the knife lick blood.

disclosure: query mode is divided layers of

recently, the newspaper has received a reader calls for Jiangxi Life Investment Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "wonderful life") and its Pacific direct purchase official website (hereinafter referred to as "the Pacific") rules. Lingyun said, Pacific direct purchase official website officially launched on December 18, 2008, by lowering the entry threshold so as to expand the membership, membership, you can inject new funds, two in this environment, by expanding the membership to create high absorption. He said that in the Pacific registration mandatory, the person is invited, A invited B, B invited C, C and BCD are invited to D, then A affiliate, they are integral A integral alliance. They keep encouraging people to pay margin to book PV, directly to a certain level. For example, you pay 7000 yuan booking 1000PV integral, become qualified integrity of the channel, then, each level percentage in the league as follows: qualified integrity of the channel with his 20%PV integral rebate is 1400 yuan, five level credit channel with 6% grade is 420 yuan, four level credit channel with 6% grade was 420 yuan. Four grade, two grade and special large area integrity channel with differential 3% to 210 yuan, two level credit channel with 6% grade is 420 yuan, and the level of integrity of the channel with 4% head difference is 280 yuan, a large area of integrity of the channel with 7% difference is 490 yuan, especially global integrity channel take the difference 6% to 420 yuan.

punishment: the investigation and confiscation of illegal income 60 million

the network to save money + money, employment + entrepreneurship, a new business model, claiming that as long as one of them, you can enter the more money to spend more money, the more money the more money to get rich fast track. Lingyun by micro-blog, the leadership of the Pacific direct purchase official website most from the original unicity, including the original diamond dealers, Blaupunkt President Chen unicity liu. Founded in the East, north, Southern China operations center, respectively by the original high order tongmou, unicity dealer Liu as a responsible person.

It is reported that

, the wonderful life and the Pacific direct purchase of "consumer wealth" model to attract about 10000000 members to join, only Zhumadian and Changchun two law enforcement agencies have found a wonderful life to the plurality of channels to close the margin of up to about 66000000 yuan. The face of law enforcement agencies to combat the wonderful life and the Pacific has insisted that no one can stop too

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