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U.S. buy site Groupon in February released the company’s fiscal year ended fourth quarter and full year results for the year ended 2014 in December 31, 2014. The report shows, Groupon fourth quarter revenue reached $925 million 400 thousand, an increase of 20% over the same period last year, $768 million 400 thousand; net profit attributable to common shareholders was $8 million 800 thousand, compared with the same period last year attributable to ordinary shareholders a net loss of $81 million 250 thousand for a big improvement.

for Groupon is the originator of group purchase, it has been listed, the first "good news", has also become a bad mouthing Groupon waves, a straw type booster, support it constantly face confidence. After all, once the market valuation of Groupon compared with just listed, has dropped by nearly 82%.


group is not advertising electricity supplier

November 4, 2011, Groupon successfully listed on the same day that the stock opened at $28, 40% higher than the issue price of $20, $17 billion 600 million on its first day of trading, closing, the market capitalization of more than $23 billion. IPO became the second only to Google after the scale of Internet Co.

climbed to the top, waiting for the Groupon to fall, and the fall of the vertical limit.

June 2012, the company’s market capitalization has been lower than the tender offer price of Google. A year after the listing, the company’s market value has shrunk by 81%. After the decline diminished, even once had low resistance to about $530 million. Although there has been a sharp rise in momentum, but in 2014, due to the first three quarters of abnormal earnings, share prices fell again, the market value evaporated 3/4.

roller coaster market, fundamentally or in its mode of sleepy. The advantage of coupons in the online promotion is very obvious, but the disadvantages are also constantly broke out. From the early days, a push email, to the late indefinitely massive release and multi platform and push subscriptions, Groupon has done a lot to explore and dig potential group purchase new business initiatives, including the mining of high-end consumer market launch of the selected customers to push high value consumer Groupon Reserve.

even at the beginning of the listing, Groupon also plans to take the traditional electricity supplier strategy. 2011 Groupon involved in physical goods sales, began selling almost all goods. However, these goods are not from the next line store.

But at the moment the

in the Groupon, because of its global expansion too fast, has been created in addition to the high cost of manpower and occupy 50% of company revenue marketing costs, not only for its continued losses, earnings outlook is dark, also forced it to change.

downsizing is the first choice for enterprises to save themselves. The first one is the group

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