WeChat’s future development trend

WeChat is a Tencent Inc launched in January 2011 to support voice, pictures, text information, multi group chat and other functions of instant messaging tools. Today, WeChat has become the world’s largest number of mobile communications applications, the number of users showed explosive growth, is currently one of China’s most important Smartphone Application terminals. The WeChat public number was born in August 2012, by the end of 2014 the number has exceeded 8 million. So a lot of people will ask, such a huge data, the future development trend of the number of WeChat public what kind of


I personally feel that the future development trend of the public number is the main area of WeChat and WeChat to make their products, I always thought to do their own products is the best WeChat public marketing, we can find some problems existing in public, now WeChat.

1 zombie powder

we are seeing a lot of public number to the number of fans, repeat this directly undermines the zombie fans, the number of public ecological group.

2 brush reading volume

Now we have a lot of

operators in particular orders, in order to get more orders, to prove their fans high quality, reading forwarding volume is high, the amount of reading and to brush the amount forwarded at any cost, we now know our orders are basically to consider whether the amount of reading the article is of high quality fans so, brush the amount of reading directly undermines our profit model. And so we are only suitable for one-time business, is not conducive to the two conversion.

3 induced attention

We are now a lot of

number in order to increase the fans do not hesitate to do false propaganda, activity induced fans attention, there may be many, and our number is not met, not we want fans or by inducing attention in guide.

But even if WeChat

there are many shortcomings, but always pay attention to the healthy development of ecological protection platform, for the induction of attention, sharing behavior, will be severely punished, to create a relatively clean environment.

future WeChat public number is mainly for personal products, and individuals from the media, why do you say that


1 earlier this year, WeChat launched the "original copy statement" function and punishment rules, plagiarism will be up to 5 times the permanent title, in order to attract more of the original author, the safeguarding mechanism optimization platform. We can find that many of the WeChat operators are relying on plagiarism or pseudo original. If we are original content, then where so much time to edit ah, so for our grassroots from the media, the original is more and more important for us. We now look at the main profit model is the amount of reading the article, then limit the restrictions on plagiarism we profit. So if you want to have a long-term profit is to do their own products.

2 do regional WeChat then we will have a lot of advantages, such as we do a regional activities, then we

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