100 thousand how to promote network marketing costs

had seen the Alibaba Business Forum above such a turn posted, the content is roughly said a sales manager for the 100 thousand of the cost for network marketing, but do not know what should look for more appropriate place.

reply in a continuous line, some people say do GOOGLE and Baidu search engine promotion, there should be in the Alibaba, global resources network on promotion, others say he should choose the industry website promotion and so on, what are the answer. So if it is you, how do you think the money should be spent? It is certain that different people have different views.

of course, most companies can not invest so much money for network marketing, but more or less will be invested in this regard. So how should we do in the promotion of the payment network in order to answer this question, a senior website construction company in Beijing from the most basic network marketing.

network marketing is not to build a website? It is said that the network marketing, many people think of is the enterprise website construction. Indeed, the enterprise website construction is a very important link in network marketing, enterprise website represents the network enterprise image, customer first impression of the enterprise often comes from the network, for which he is enterprise website impression.

a lot of people can think, network marketing is not doing the construction site! To the website on Everything will be fine., actually this is wrong. For example, it’s better to be a website than to buy a mobile phone, but you don’t have a phone number to tell your friends. Although you have a cell phone, but they do not know your phone number, it is impossible to find you on the phone. So you have to put your mobile phone number to tell others, that is to say to your business website to let others know, the respect such as the search engine promotion, Alibaba, global resources network B2B website promotion etc..

heard that Baidu is good, the Baidu promotion is good! Oh, you mean I understand, you mean to do Baidu promotion? Indeed, Baidu promotion is a good search engine promotion methods, but it also depends on who your customers are. If your customers are foreigners speak English, then you go to Baidu promotion that is barking up the wrong tree, you put more money. So this time you should look for the English search engine to do promotion, such as in the English version of the GOOGLE promotion.

of course if your customers are Korean words, then you should be popularized in GOOGLE Korean version of the above, and so on. That is to say, do search engine promotion should pay attention to your target customers who is, in general, if it is to do the domestic promotion, Baidu is a good choice, there are other GOOGLE Chinese version, YAHOO search Chinese etc.. But in the face of foreign customers, then it should choose GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN and other foreign versions of the corresponding.


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