Analysis of electricity giant electricity supplier three road Haier far ahead

The electricity supplier dispute

appliances has been e-commerce hot, often lead to wars are the three major platforms: Jingdong,, Gome online, electricity industry has been the impact of the road to explore many different degree, but also China electric appliance enterprise. If you look tired, tired of fighting electric platform, Haier, Midea, GREE known as Chinese appliance three giants, so let’s look at the traditional electronics giant, their electricity supplier of the road and electricity providers to treat the attitude of the author to take you into their world.

(a) seize the opportunity: Haier

three giants, Haier is so far the way the electricity supplier to go first, go the farthest, but also go the most attentively. Haier is the first network when it comes to Haier mall, Haier Internet inside the world’s eldest son, has been launched as early as 2001, 2008, 2012, B2C shopping site, Haier mall sales of about 300 million yuan. The road shopping platform for more than ten years, a year later than, three years earlier than the Jingdong store, a year earlier than the predecessor of Gome online mall Gome online, especially visible Haier electricity supplier for the power of people for Internet tentacles is a lot of people are not comparable. Unfortunately, Haier mall establishment of the electricity supplier of the most chaotic, the stage is one of the most without direction, the electricity supplier or little overlord Alibaba, so for Haier, not what can guide the direction, but Haier could not spend large manpower and material resources to do business, because Haier is the core of the channel line.

but Haier has never given up the electricity supplier of the road, has been walking, has been groping, Haier electricity supplier multi-faceted layout. In addition to Haier mall, Haier official flagship store in Tmall, and other Jingdong, and by an independent third party platform sales, sales volume exceeded 2 billion yuan in 2012. In 2012, the electricity supplier O2O mode by Haier to play easily led by Taobao, 11 double play home appliances customized services, for a home appliance giant, is a bold decision, I also have to admire, in contrast to the United States and GREE, it is insufficient.

familiar with the electricity supplier knows that a lot of enterprises headache is: the last mile, logistics is a lot of business enterprise platform or heart disease, and for Haier, but their advantage of logistics. For this like Haier has its own production line and product enterprise, logistics system is the key to the enterprise, but Haier logistics after several decades of development, Haier has not only large logistics vehicles, still need to have covered the storage system. For distribution, Haier provides more than 3000 lines, the realization of "bus" service, to customers 24 hours to send to users 24 hours, limited service. Due to the high cost of logistics, not timely delivery and installation, electricity supplier development has been restricted, Haier logistics trying to solve this problem. Recently, Haier and Zhang Ruimin made it clear that: to solve the last mile problem to solve other problems, and we following GREE didn’t try on the road electricity supplier, because it is a key point to grasp the business: >

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