Because selling things to ran Amazon may face the U.S. government fines

Amazon Co said they do not intend to sell goods to users involved in Iran.


According to Bloomberg,

Technology (Bloomberg Technology) news, the Internet retail giant Amazon Co may face fines, because they disclosed that in 2012 to 2016 in violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran during the sanctions bill, still send goods to Iran "".

recently, with Trump among the seven countries in Iran to ban immigration to the various sanctions on Iran news and rumors have gradually increased, of course, it will also spread to the domestic technology and business circle in Iran. Recently, the Apple Corp in Iran App App Store began to delete, including "Iran version of the Amazon" said application providers DigiKala, now because of the sanctions, the application can only be used in Iran’s domestic payment network. The reason for the deletion of this application is also very simple Apple Corp, which is in line with the Iran trade sanctions Ordinance (31CFR Part 560). At the same time, Apple Corp also told the Iran startups:

we encourage you to resubmit your application after the international trade sanctions act has been amended.

in addition, Bloomberg science and technology news, Amazon Co said on Friday in Iran to their individual consumers and some of Iran’s Government (and related organizations) sales of some consumer products, from the Amazon Co’s order information, these goods including clothing, software, pet products, prices between $50 to $2400. In order to avoid continuing to be punished by the U.S. government, Amazon Co said they do not intend to sell goods to the user involved in Iran.

‘s recent ban on Muslim travel by Trump has prevented the Iran people from traveling to the United States, and, of course, has been heavily criticized by the media. Just a week ago, CNBC reported a Iran start-up company founder of Swiss life because Trump cannot attend a ban on immigration in semiconductor industry conference held in Silicon Valley, interestingly, the Iran entrepreneur originally planned to recruit 80-100 engineers and designers in the United States, he is going to give up the United States now look to Europe and asia. For the Trump ban, the founder of the Iran company, said:

I think the United States is not a stable country, so I really can not do long-term planning in the United states.

at present, Chinese e-commerce companies through international payment solutions to Iran international logistics and sales of goods, it is interesting, even during the period of sanctions, Iran will also indirectly from the Amazon and eBay shopping.

is this the case, is it better for Amazon’s competitors, particularly in Asia and e-commerce companies?

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