Analysis of the adoption of the suspension of Taobao sellers express is reasonable

because I have a friend who is doing in Shenzhen copycat mobile phone (, so I use his supply resources to open a Taobao shop, let him on behalf of the consignor, but in Forum recently read a news, say Zhejiang Shentong express to suspend Taobao, Taobao rejected goods orders, from the news learned is mainly due to the reasons for the price, because the price is too low, sto company not to earn money, so to stop orders, Taobao is no longer the goods sent. But I want to say is, what is the relationship between the level and the price of Taobao and Taobao? On line can enhance the logistics price of


Taobao goods accounted for a large proportion of the courier industry

We now know that

express company business, shunt come from business accounted for a large proportion, I had done a few Taobao shops, and Shen Tong’s faction member’s familiar, chatted with them, there are many from goods accounted for about half of the proportion. They also complain incessantly, because Shen Tong company does not give them to send a fee (with the company had sent a fee), and goods from Taobao accounted for a large proportion, so they give away every day for Taobao and trouble. If Shen Tong rejected Taobao goods, then they believe that there will be a substantial loss of business volume. Of course, Taobao’s goods can not be sent out, which for Taobao, is not a small loss.

express malicious competition

in recent years, the courier company is very popular in the country, with its delivery speed, service is better than some of the original state-owned service companies, more and more people choose to use express delivery. This makes the courier company has been a strong development in China, with Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, the wind is one of the most famous express company. However, these courier companies usually do business, in order to increase the amount of business of their own companies, had to put the price down, so as to get more customers. Of course, for some Taobao shop sellers, they in order to save costs, to the buyer the greatest benefits, the choice of those cheap, speed and service is also good courier company. This makes the fight between the express company price war, making the price lower and lower.

express price is not a matter of Taobao

express price is determined by the courier company and Taobao sellers to negotiate, that is to say this is a market, by the seller and local courier company to negotiate, for those daily shipments of the seller, the courier company will give them a good price, in order to ensure their business promotion. In the process of talking about the price, and Taobao does not have any relationship. Taobao is not published on the Internet a price, and the seller and courier companies to implement, that is, Taobao is just a business, but not the right to price. So the price is not what Taobao express, and Taobao does not matter.

Taobao extract courier company’s money?

if you have to say that Taobao has a relationship with the courier, there is only one possibility, that is

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