Analysis on the enclosure trilogy of Jingdong

in September 16th this year, e-commerce will be sent on behalf of Mr. Liu Qiangdong, President of Jingdong mall in public for the first time announced the Jingdong joint venture platform mall opening, this will be the opening of third domestic network platform has the strength of the electronic commerce company, Taobao, Dangdang has led the transformation of the whole industry profit model of success, and as a Jingdong at present, the domestic well-known e-commerce companies, joint venture Jingdong will also become the road go another aspect. The characteristics of the industry is of many commercial enterprises are in the "enclosure", first and then expanding the scale of operations, but this is an inevitable trend, and reviews the development of Jingdong, the author of the "enclosure" behavior is attributed to the trilogy.

one, self built logistics, space enclosure

Jingdong is not the first self built logistics warehousing companies, but it is the first large-scale warehouse built in companies across the country, because there are warehouses around the country, so the Jingdong can ensure rapid logistics services, to bring customers a good online shopping experience, in fact, this large-scale warehouse logistics behavior can also be seen as the space. Occupation, scientific logistics system can ensure the domestic orders can rapid processing, customers never need to worry about the Jingdong to buy things going to be late, because the buyers in Shanghai in Shanghai that day will be able to get the Jingdong warehouse booking baby.

two, to increase the classification of the industry enclosure

Ten years ago

Jingdong mall site most is the category of digital products, after ten years of experience, is now the Jingdong website content rich, one-stop shopping experience by many consumers to buy a laptop, also can buy a sheet, this is the change and development of Jingdong ten years, by increasing the merchandise classification to find new profit growth point, digital core, cultivation of general merchandise, this is a very correct choice made by the Jingdong, it is also in line with the development plan of Jingdong for ten years, and this rule is in the commodity industry enclosure.

three, open platform, the enclosure on the model

open platform Dangdang test camp for Jingdong who saw another opportunity, behind the Jingdong at present achievement is the high operating costs, and will become self associates in operating costs under control, the cost of warehousing logistics especially have settled businesses to share, to reduce the cost of operation indicates with the increase in profit, profit increase indicates that the development of enterprises can be better, this is also the many e-commerce enterprises sigh, but the light is changing the mode is not enough, Dangdang is also experiencing the self and associates the contradictions. Can not deal with this relationship, the model will be a good stop. Jingdong dare to take this step to prove that they are ready to accept the challenge.

from large-scale self storage to increase the merchandise classification to open platform today, this is a qualitative leap, but how to stabilize a leap forward momentum, it seems the Jingdong mall still has a long way to go.

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